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Professionally integrated planning

Our software enables you to create analyses and write reports independently and without the involvement of the IT department. Users can run queries, access the data they need, prepare it as they wish, analyse it and export it as reports, thereby gaining important insights for the specialist departments.

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antares planner for self-service BI

Benefit from a variety of professional planning functions with complete integration of your valuable BI data. The ability to plan up to three levels in combination with freely selectable scenarios also allows you to directly compare different planning scenarios. Thanks to automatic distribution functions and individual plan number and structure data definitions, you will be able to carry out multi-dimensional top-down or bottom-up planning.

As an SSBI application, antares planner for self-service BI is intuitive to use and does not require any technical knowledge on the part of the business users. Thus, the cooperation with the IT department and its service is basically no longer necessary, so that these and possibly other departments are relieved and can concentrate on their tasks.

Planning process based on existing analysis platforms

Planning process based on existing analysis platforms

Clear dashboards

Clear dashboards

Fully automated data procurement

Fully automatic data procurement

Intuitive operation

Intuitive operation

Ready for use after a few days

Ready for use after a few days

Functions of the planning software for self-service BI

  • The simple connection of the tool to ad hoc BI platforms and existing upstream systems ensures coordinated processes and reliable data structures.
  • The web-based application allows users to access relevant information regardless of location and time.
  • The integration includes both the import of data and the export or transfer via interfaces – fully automated and workflow-controlled.
  • Independent operation without IT knowledge and the resulting relief of the IT department.
  • Publish and export the planning to the management information system.
  • Web interface and authorisation concept allow all participants to enter the planning scenarios into the system.
  • User-friendly interface and responsive design enable flexible and web-based optimisation of your planning processes.
  • Decentralised access enables time and location-independent access to relevant company information

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I already have an ad hoc/self-service tool for data analysis in use. Is the connection to antares planner possible without any problems?

Yes, we guarantee a smooth connection of our software to your existing business intelligence platforms for analysis.

What types of planning are available?

The following plan types can be used: standard sales planning, forecast, rolling and multi-year planning. The plan data can be easily adjusted using the top-down or bottom-up method.

Can different scenarios be used?

You have the option of creating and planning several scenarios (e.g. worst case, best case, expected case) per plan. Thanks to the integrated authorisation options, customer-specific authorisations can be assigned within individual scenarios.

Where does the data for the planning come from?

The data can be imported into the software from various sources, whether from SAP, Qlik or our analysis and reporting software antares analyzer. Thanks to current bidirectional interface technologies, there are no restrictions here.

Can data be exported from antares planner?

Data can be exported via Excel plug-in or exchanged via a bidirectional database interface.

Is it possible to "freeze" data?

Yes! Within a scenario, any plan coordinates can be fixed, i.e. written down. It is also possible to "freeze" entire scenarios or individual plan strands (e.g. representative - customer - article).

Can comments be stored for individual plan combinations?

Yes, comments can be stored for individual coordinates as well as for plan strings. These can also be stored for a specific period. This means that it is always possible to justify deviations in a specific planning period.

How is data synchronised?

The data can be synchronized with the bottom-up or top-down method, as already in the individual plans, per individual selection option.

Is there an integrated reporting system?

Yes! The finished plans can be analysed in antares analyzer via our standard interface and distributed with the report portfolio functionality. It is also possible to transfer the data into your existing system in order to use the reporting system there.


Optimise your planning processes flexibly and web-based with a modern user interface and responsive design. Increase planning quality while reducing personnel resources. We show you how our planning software ensures quality and efficiency in your company.

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