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Increasing data volumes, complex key figure logic and a large number of different data sets. These factors pose major challenges for companies and ensure that the analysis and preparation of information determine a large part of the day-to-day work in financial controlling.

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With the help of a professional BI software solution, this can be remedied sustainably and efficiently. Companies can collect and evaluate daily updated company data for reporting worldwide.

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With our professional solutions, we help you keep an eye on your finances and manage the budget. Gain a competitive edge over your competitors and be flexible in your decision making!

  • Real-time data queries and updates.
  • Simplification of planning processes.
  • Support for decentralised planning processes with an optimal workflow.
  • Ensuring solvency and cost transparency.
  • Write data directly into the central database using input masks and add comments.
  • Automated workflows for target group-specific reports.
  • Comprehensive insight into all financial processes.
  • Strengthening competitiveness.
  • Strengthening opportunity and risk management.

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