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We offer a platform with established BI and GRC solutions

Trust in 27 years of experience. Our software solutions are already used by over 300 customers and deployed in more than 3,000 projects by 45,000 users.

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Our software solutions for business intelligence and governance, risk management & compliance are conveniently adapted to your needs and processes during implementation. Benefit from our flat hierarchies, professional partnership and customer proximity.

Our passion is innovative products. We have been working with our customers for over 25 years and contribute our distinctive know-how in the field of databases and application development.

Our product portfolio

antares analyzer - analysis & reporting

Analyse, visualise and present your data in a whole new light.

antares Predictive Analytics - Predictive Analysis

Identify possible future events that may occur under certain conditions and derive appropriate measures from the findings.

antares planner - Planning

Make your decisions on the basis of rational insights and be sure of planning in all areas of your company. Our planning tool can be connected to existing BI platforms and upstream systems.

antares BSC - Balanced Scorecard

Translate ideas, visions and strategies into concrete, operational measures and control them.

antares RiMIS® - Opportunity and Risk Management

Take advantage of the opportunity to identify risks at an early stage, counteract them effectively and seize opportunities for your company.

antares RiMIS® CIRS - Anonymous Reporting System

Have your employees report critical events anonymously. Improve the quality of your operations by practising error prevention and correction.

antares RiMIS® - Compliance Risk Management

Ensure that internal company rules are observed and external standards, regulations and laws are taken into account.

antares RiMIS® IKS - Internal Control System

Keep an eye on your business processes with software-supported, internal process control. Control, document and monitor processes for a secure workflow.

antares RiMIS® ISMS - Information Security Management

Establish procedures and rules within the company to permanently manage, control, maintain and continuously improve information security.

antares RiMIS® DSMS - Data Protection Management

Identify potential data protection risks, manage them and comply with the requirements of the EU GDPR.

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