Daily updated SAP data at Coppenrath

Daily updated SAP data at Coppenrath

Over the years, the family-owned company Coppenrath has established itself as a quality brand in the pastry market. In order to effectively support the company's growth course on the systems side as well, the pastry manufacturer was faced with the challenge of implementing a central solution for analysis and reporting - that's how our collaboration began.

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At a glance

Industry: Pastry manufacturer
Company size: 250 employees
Requirements: Software SAP ECC 6.0
Users: approx. 10 users
Project category: antares analyzer | Xtract IS

Company Coppenrath

It was the pastry hit of the 1930s and 1940s: master baker Heinrich Coppenrath jr. caused a sensation with his honey cake, and not only in his home region of Emsland. Many royal and princely houses also licked their fingers for it. And that was just the beginning: with skill, diligence and entrepreneurial spirit, the Coppenraths continuously expanded their product range - and sales. The old country bakery became a modern bakery. And the small business became a flourishing company. Today, Coppenrath is a quality brand in the pastry market. The family business employs 250 people and up to 120 tonnes of baked goods are delivered worldwide every day.

Tradition obliges

In order to effectively support the company's growth course on the system side, the pastry producer was faced with the challenge of implementing a central solution for analysis and reporting. All source data from SAP should flow into the new solution on a daily basis. Using company and business partner data as effectively as possible is a decisive step to ensure the future competitiveness of a company. Merging, consolidating and distributing data for management and sales across several systems is at the same time a challenge with many technical hurdles.

Interface solution for data extraction

With Xtract IS, antares was able to offer Coppenrath a central solution for the extraction and consolidation of data from SAP. The flexibility of the solution is shown both in the extraction from SAP and in the supply of source data for antares analyzer. Xtract IS ensures stable and high-performance data throughput even with large data volumes. Xtract IS Table makes it possible to extract mass data directly from SAP tables. In order to optimise the network load, only columns that are explicitly used are extracted. With a graphical interface and full metadata support, the result is available for further processing in seconds. The different components enable SAP data to be extracted quickly and efficiently.
data can be extracted.


The introduction of the Xtract IS interface took place in a few hours without downtime for the reporting system. The source data for the Controlling department comes primarily from SAP data. With Xtract IS, the data is extracted smoothly and without any programming knowledge in just a few hours and prepared for OLAP analysis. There they are centrally available for planning, reporting and analysis. Previously, the required information had to be exported from the various upstream systems and prepared manually.
Time-consuming Excel reports and manual data preparation were replaced in the new system by automated data imports. Now not only are the previously used reports available - statements can also be made based on daily updated detailed data from SAP, which were not possible before. The decision-making processes of management and sales can thus be effectively supported. Coppenrath benefits from the uniform data basis and the enormous time savings through automated data extraction.

Xtract IS: Extract mass data

With Xtract Table, mass data can be extracted quickly and reliably. The data can be restricted as desired by means of arbitrary where statements. Dynamic SQL statements are supported with the inclusion of SSIS variables.

Your advantages

Flexibility of data extraction through different building blocks

Evaluations at the touch of a button

High time savings and security through direct access

Smooth extraction of SAP data

Integration of own control databases

Certified interface for SAP

What our customers say

"We are now able to carry out ad hoc analyses at any time based on daily updated detailed data from SAP."

Andreas Coppenrath | Managing Director | Coppenrath Feingebäck GmbH

"The simple data integration ensured a smooth implementation of the requirements mentioned. The IT department was convinced by the simple connection to the existing system landscape. The data is now transmitted smoothly every night with the help of the Xtract IS interface."

Andreas Coppenrath | Managing Director | Coppenrath Feingebäck GmbH


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