Anonymous reporting system (CIRS)

Identify weaknesses in structures and processes

A Critical Incident Reporting System (CIRS) is used to record safety-relevant and critical events that can be reported anonymously by any employee of a company. The system also helps to improve the quality of operations by preventing errors and learning from experience. This is intended to reduce the likelihood of serious incidents occurring.

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antares CIRS

Our software, antares CIRS, is an anonymous reporting and whistleblowing system. It complies with the requirements of the German Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG) and the EU Directive 2019/1937. The system serves to uncover compliance violations or other discrimination, both by internal employees and by external contacts. It offers the possibility to anonymously report incidents that violate applicable rules and guidelines in an audit-proof manner. With antares CIRS you fulfill all legal requirements resulting from the HinSchG.

Tailoring the system to a company's individual needs and providing an intuitive interface are critical to success.

Security of anonymous reporting

Security of anonymous reporting

Early detection of risks

Early detection of risks



Intuitive input masks

Intuitive input masks

Clear and individual reports

Clear and individual reports

Functions of the CIRS


  • Automatic translation of messages into the group language and of queries into the language of the person who entered them.
  • Accessible both internally across the entire organization and externally through centralized, independent hosting.
  • The connection of further modules (analysis, reporting and planning) is possible.
  • Anonymous communication enables a secure exchange between the notifier and the processor.

For the administrator and the editors:

  • The administrator has a separate case management area for efficient report processing (e.g., with the ability to delegate reports).
  • Clear KPI dashboards.
  • Process support via e-mail for changes in the case.
  • A rights and role system takes care of user management so that only authorized persons can see and process sensitive messages.

For the detector:

  • Reports can be submitted both anonymously and non-anonymously through a selection option, depending on the reporting party's preference.
  • Possibility of submitting suggestions for improvement.
  • The reporter can view the status of his report and answer queries at any time.

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Can the anonymous reporting system also be purchased as a stand-alone application?

Yes. Although the module was designed as an integral part of the risk management software antares RiMIS®, it can also be used as a stand-alone module - on-premise or cloud-based.

Can the solution also be provided as an external instance?

Yes, the software can be made available via a cloud hosting model.

Can the reports be made anonymously, without attribution to personal data?

Yes, the reports can be made anonymously, without tracing the user and IP address.

Is it possible to transfer critical reports into a compliance review process?

Yes. There are already existing interfaces for the tracking and assessment of violations in the standard product antares RiMIS®.

Can an anonymous dialogue take place in the system?

Yes, the specification of personal data, such as e-mail address or domain, is not required. Communication can take place directly in CIRS between the report processor and an internal or external report creator.

Can the application also be used for external messages?

Yes, the application can also be activated outside the organisation. Access is via an external server or via cloud access.


Improve your operations through error prevention and learn from mistakes already made! The components of our CIRS module are action management, reporting, Monte Carlo simulation and risk identification. For more information on the function and approach, please refer to the white paper.

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