Anonymous reporting system (CIRS)

Identify weaknesses in structures and processes

A critical incident reporting system (CIRS) is used to record safety-relevant and critical events that can be reported anonymously by any employee of a company. The system also helps to improve the quality of operations by preventing errors and learning from experience. This should reduce the likelihood of serious incidents occurring.

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antares RiMIS® CIRS

For us, the protection of the reporter plays a central role. Our antares RiMIS® CIRS reporting system works on a completely anonymous basis. Since login information is not stored, neither the reporter nor the company or the injured party can be traced on the basis of the data.

The reporter anonymously fills out the form about the incident and can already add suggestions for improvement there. Released reports are listed in tabular form and can be viewed in a detailed view. The implementation of controls is automatically reported to the control manager.

Anonymous reporting system

Anonymous reporting system

Derive improvements and recommendations

Derive improvements and recommendations

Self-explanatory input masks

Self-explanatory input masks

Clear directory of all published reports

Clear directory of all published reports

E-mail notification when a report is received

E-mail notification when a report is received

Functions of the CIRS

  • Adding suggestions for improvement already possible in the report form.
  • Overview of all received, commented, published and deleted reports for the responsible administrator.
  • Notification, for example, by e-mail to authorised agents when a new report has been received.
  • Sending a query URL to the author after sending the CIRS case report to view the status and outcome.
  • View CIRS reports and report CIRS cases in the start portal.
  • Connection of further modules (analysis, reporting, planning) as required is possible without any problems.


Can the anonymous reporting system also be purchased as a stand-alone application?

Yes. Although the module was designed as an integral part of the risk management software antares RiMIS®, it can also be used as a stand-alone module - on-premise or cloud-based.

Can the solution also be provided as an external instance?

Yes, the software can be made available via a cloud hosting model.

Can the reports be made anonymously, without attribution to personal data?

Yes, the reports can be made anonymously, without tracing the user and the IP address. The message is identified with a QR code, for example.

Is it possible to transfer critical reports into a compliance review process?

Yes. There are already existing interfaces for the tracking and assessment of violations in the standard product antares RiMIS®.

Can an anonymous dialogue take place in the system?

Yes, it is not necessary to provide personal data such as email address or domain.

Can the application also be used for external messages?

Yes, the application can also be activated outside the organisation. Access is via an external server or via cloud access.


Improve your operations through error prevention and learn from mistakes already made! The components of our CIRS module are action management, reporting, Monte Carlo simulation and risk identification. For more information on the function and approach, please refer to the white paper.

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