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antares RiMIS® - The complete solution for time-efficient risk management

Tired of time-consuming research and confusing Excel reports? With the practical automation functions of our GRC software, you can keep an eye on all your corporate risks at all times - and react faster than your competitors in an emergency.

  • GRC software designed for companies with complex structures
  • Customize functions and modules to your needs
  • Risk management software provider with over 30 years of experience

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Your risk management: A single construction site?

Are you still relying on Excel for your risk management? Then you are facing a challenge.

Do you probably regularly struggle with overloaded Excel spreadsheets in your day-to-day work? Do vast amounts of data flow in daily from company locations around the world and you don't know where to put it?

Are you supposed to isolate all the relevant risk factors and assess their hazard potential? No chance, because the handling and variety of data is overwhelming. What's more, the data is often no longer up to date by the time you have completed your complex analysis.

In plain language, this means that if you are not quick enough, your risk reporting will be out of date before you present it to your stakeholders because the world has moved on in the meantime. Manual risk reporting not only requires a great deal of ongoing effort, but is also prone to errors in terms of data consolidation.

The real-time analyses that are so important today are not possible under these conditions. Finding suitable measures for complex risks is already very time-consuming without a suitable risk management tool. But in the end, your painstakingly developed ideas often contradict the ideas of the company management and the restrictions of the legal department ...

... which is annoying, but understandable on closer inspection, because:

  • Everyone involved is cooking their own soup because the big picture is not tangible.
  • Wouldn't it be much more convenient if all the relevant data were available to you in the desired quality right from the start?
  • What if you no longer had to laboriously and manually research important details yourself?
  • What if all those responsible had a common vision of the big picture and were on the same page at all times?
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Minimize risks and save time at the same time? Our risk management software makes it possible!

antares RiMIS® is a modern risk management system that supports you as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Compliance Officer throughout the entire GRC management process and even automates large parts of it. You find out in real time which risks threaten the success of your company and are therefore able to react quickly and avert damage to your company.

Your benefit:

  • Automated, software-supported data consolidation that saves you many hours of valuable working time every week.
  • Clear reports and forecasts that make the various risks and their interdependencies tangible for everyone involved.
  • Guaranteed ability to act without nasty surprises, protecting your company from supply chain disruptions, high costs and severe penalties.
The best: antares RiMIS® can be implemented in your company within a few weeks and 100% customized to your needs. Sounds interesting? We would be happy to show you the benefits of our risk management solution in a live demo.

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Risk management is so easy with antares RiMIS®:

1. create master data
2. create risk portfolio
3. automatically record and evaluate data

The result: A smooth risk management process that enables permanent monitoring of your suppliers, customers and all associated risk factors without manual effort.

3 steps to your new GRC software

Make an appointment for a free live demo
In this appointment, antares RiMIS® will be presented to you by one of our GRC experts. You will get to know the numerous smart functions that will make your day-to-day work easier in the future. We will also answer all your questions about the tool during this consultation.

Request your test access
On request, we will grant you free test access so that you can see the quality of our solution for yourself. We will be happy to carry out initial customizing as part of a workshop.

Get started with antares RiMIS® - the established risk management software
We coordinate with you and are therefore able to adapt the risk management tool to your specific needs. On the agreed date, you will receive the access data for your new ERM software (Enterprise Risk Management Software). Comprehensive training for you and your team members is of course included.

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Extract from our references

Risk Management Software Benefits - these are the advantages of antares RiMIS®:

  • GRC finally united: antares RiMIS® brings the three elementary building blocks of your risk management(governance, risk, compliance) under one roof
  • Automate your risk management and save many hours of manual working time every week
  • Protect your company from high costs and supply chain disruptions thanks to software and AI-supported risk prevention
  • Finally gain full transparency of all your company's risk factors and avoid hours of research and time-consuming data consolidation
  • Make the right decision for your company quickly in the worst-case scenario
  • Get an all-in-one solution for your entire risk management, which replaces your time-consuming standard tools
  • Experience the convenience of a user-friendly cockpit and logical navigation tailored to the needs of CFOs, CROs and CCOs
  • Legal requirements such as ISO 31001 and PS 340 are covered
  • Plus: Put an end to compromises: Customize the functions and modules of antares RiMIS® exactly to your individual needs - and cover even complex structures and requirements.

Risk prevention is also a major legal hurdle for companies. The introduction of the StaRUG (Corporate Stabilization and Restructuring Act) has made risk management more important than ever before.

Risk management is also an urgent problem for most companies that demands everything from those responsible. antares RiMIS® is the fast solution you urgently need for your entire GRC management - including fast implementation times and individual adaptability to your company structures.

antares at a glance

  • Software provider in the areas of risk management, quality management, ESG, GRC and business intelligence
  • 30-strong team consisting of IT and technical experts
  • Own in-house development team
  • Over 30 years of experience in the development of information systems
  • 3,000+ projects successfully completed
  • 45,000+ active users work with antares information systems every day

Risk management software antares RiMIS® at a glance:

  • Comprehensive opportunity and risk management: With intelligent opportunity and risk management, you can recognize at any time which risks threaten your value chain and which opportunities present themselves in order to save costs and avoid high penalties
  • Meaningful Monte Carlo simulation: Do you often find it difficult to analyze your complex systems and derive concrete risk assessments from them? This useful function will do it for you.
  • Predictive early warning system: Would you like to be informed of potential risks as early as possible? Our early warning system enables AI-supported forecasts and informs you in advance if a threatening scenario could occur in the near future.
  • Flexible expandability of all modules: Are you looking for a long-term GRC solution that grows with your company? antares RiMIS® is fully scalable and can be expanded modularly at any time.
  • Standardized data transfer: Tired of juggling data in different formats? Our standardized data transfer ensures consistency, efficiency and security across your entire risk portfolio.

You also get:

  • Aggregation, controlling, risk monitoring and risk management in the event of loss occurrence
  • Workflow-supported, periodic assessment of the risk situation for fewer manual searches
  • Comment function at user and administrator level for collaborative work in the tool
  • Quantitative and qualitative assessment methods to fulfill all applicable risk management regulations (e.g. KonTraG, COSO II, ISO 31000, IDW (E) PS 981, IDW PS 340)
  • Integrated questionnaires for risk identification and self-assessment
  • Extensive customizing parameters for optimal adaptation to individual business processes and requirements
  • Integrated report booklet generator for time-saving report booklet creation in PDF or PPT
  • Import and export function for key figures and e-mail notification when threshold values are reached (push notifications)
  • Interfaces to upstream systems such as SAP or Microsoft and the import of inventory data for an optimal connection to existing IT environments
  • Plus: Continuous improvements to the tool thanks to the ongoing maintenance contract
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Get all your risks under control

With antares RiMIS®, your risk management finally has a home. Instead of spending hours each week struggling with manual evaluations and endless Excel spreadsheets, you can hand over all your time wasters to a modern software.

This reduces your manual effort to a healthy minimum and allows you to concentrate on what you are really good at: Creating high-quality analyses and making important decisions for the future of your company.

The result: secure risk management, as all the many pieces of the complex GRC puzzle finally fit together and you have an overview of your company's risk situation at all times.

Sounds promising? Arrange your free appointment now for an antares RiMIS® live demo to put your risk management on a sustainable footing.

Make an appointment now and discover the benefits of time-saving risk management software!

New functions of the RiMIS® versions

6.1 | February 2022

  • Measure effectiveness per combination of topic and measure
  • Tangential topics can be captured
  • Extensions of the frequencies of controls and checks
  • Flexible selection at which frequency a control should be entered
  • Release DSMS module

6.2 | October 2022

  • Appointment calendar: General appointments can be created (role-based)
  • Map graphic
  • Monte Carlo simulation supplemented by further distributions
  • Individual risk can be simulated
  • Status setting from e-mail (without login)

6.3 | March 2024

  • Definition of favorites per evaluation and user
  • Evaluation option: comparison of simulation result per organizational unit (OU) with yield per OU (yield-risk profiles)
  • Performance improvements


What distinguishes antares RiMIS® from comparable solutions on the market?

antares RiMIS® is an all-in-one solution for your entire risk management and acts as an internal control system for all potential losses relating to your company.

The tool combines the advantages of standard software with the benefits of individual development, i.e. we implement your risk management software in your company within a short time - but adapt the functions and modules individually to your needs.

Is antares RiMIS® an ISMS software or an ICS software?

Neither. While ICS systems are dedicated to the effectiveness and efficiency of internal business processes, ISMS software is an information system for monitoring internal IT security.

antares RiMIS® is a risk management software that serves to prevent external threats in all risk categories and identifies opportunities to avoid rising costs and supply chain disruptions.

How long does the introduction take?

In most cases, we can implement antares RiMIS® risk management software for our customers within 3 - 4 weeks of the order being placed.

What types of risks does the antares RiMIS® GRC software cover?

antares RiMIS® is a complete solution for your entire risk management, i.e. you receive monitoring for all risk factors that could affect the ability to act and the success of your company, including financial risks, personnel risks, market risks, technological risks or reputational risks.

Can your software also be used to map a matrix structure within one or more companies?

Yes. Several parallel structure trees are available for this purpose, each of which can be structured and built up autonomously. The design can be done by the customer himself via customising.

Is there a specific questionnaire or checklists for identifying compliance risks?

Yes. The questionnaire enables identification via damage potentials. In addition, there is the possibility to make damage impacts via compliance items.

Can the solution also be used to record and assess compliance risks?

Yes, the allocation is done via a risk characteristic. The assessment of compliance risks can be carried out via special assessment methods.

Can the internal control system (ICS) and the procedural documentation be integrated?

Yes, our ICS module can be licensed as a submodule. The required functions can be easily mapped in it.

How is the backup of the data organised or to what extent is the backup supported?

In practice, the database server is often integrated into the domain and thus into the company's data backup routine.

Is differentiated reporting supported in tabular, textual and graphical form?

Yes! Both in an interactive form (analysis directly on the system) and as a reporting function (report booklet).

What software documentation or training options are available (manual, forum, online help, FAQ, support)?

In our projects, we offer extensive training opportunities, such as webinars, seminars, coaching and our support service within the helpdesk system or hotline support. In addition, you receive a PDF and an online manual for the software solution.

What customising options do you offer in connection with the software?

The risk management software has a consistent customising feature. All relevant functions and settings in the software solution can be made via this. These include structures, authorisations, user roles and risk classes.

Is it possible to name, schedule and monitor measures?

Yes! The risk management system offers detailed measure management. The measures can also be directly linked to the opportunities and risks. This makes it possible to carry out a net mapping. Use the possibility of early risk detection, risk identification, risk analysis, risk assessment, risk monitoring and risk management. Risk and action managers can be reminded of deadlines via an automated email reminder function.

Are requirements according to current legislation fulfilled?

Yes! antares RiMIS® complies with section 317 (4) of the German Commercial Code (HGB) and the auditing standard IDW PS 340, fulfils the BilMoG requirements and paves the way for preventing violations of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. It takes into account the aspects of KonTraG, ISO 31000, IDW (E) PS 981, COSO II as well as ONR 49000 and ÖNORM S 2410 and is based on IEC 62198. In the next programme version, an ISMS module will be available in accordance with the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The risk management system is also audit-proof.

What import and export interfaces (e.g. MS Excel) are available?

All common database formats, such as D-Statis (Federal Statistical Office), Bloomberg, Excel as well as PowerPoint and Word in the area of reporting.

How are responsible persons who do not report risks dealt with?

For this purpose, there is a so-called zero notification, where responsible persons have to confirm that they do not see any relevant risks in their area of responsibility.

How is the aggregation of risks, which is required by IDW PS 340 n.F., carried out?

With our flexible, integrated Monte Carlo simulation, any groups of risks can be simulated and thus aggregated. This makes RiMIS ® fully IDW-compliant.

Can measures also be tracked?

In the sense of IDW 340 n.F., measures can be assessed for their effectiveness by appointed persons, so that it can be demonstrated that the net assessment by measures is valid and stands up to an external audit.

How self-sufficient can work be?

Intuitive masks exist for all the different master data, e.g. to adjust the authorisation of users or to add organisational units.

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Identify risks at an early stage and counteract them effectively - with our GRC software solution antares RiMIS®. Further features and functions can be found in our product brochure.

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