Monte carlo simulation

Risk aggregation by means of probability distributions

Companies are confronted with a multitude of constantly changing risks on a daily basis. These are not limited to just one area, but are many and varied. In order to obtain a comprehensive view of the risks, aggregation by means of Monte Carlo simulation can be used.

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In order to determine the overall risk scope of a company and thus its risk-bearing capacity, it is not sufficient to consider potential risks individually. An aggregation of the individual risks, on the other hand, provides a meaningful information basis on the basis of which the individual risk scenarios can be determined in terms of their probability of occurrence and impact on profit planning. Through aggregation by means of Monte Carlo simulation, an overall risk distribution is created, statistically evaluated and depicted in a histogram. In this way, the aggregation result can be used to identify possible future scenarios that pose a threat and to initiate appropriate countermeasures.

Key features


Use the analyses to identify dependencies between individual risks and get an overview of your overall risk scope. Develop sensible countermeasures to minimise and avoid risks.


Meaningful diagrams can be generated with just a few clicks. The Monte Carlo simulation in antares RiMIS® supports different distribution functions, including the Gaussian normal distribution, uniform distribution, log-normal distribution and the PERT distribution.


The simulation module is available as an integral part of the antares RiMIS® standard solution. Due to the web capability, any number of people can access the system decentrally, participate permanently in the process and obtain information independently.

Programming language

R is an open source programming language for solving complex interrelationships. Various packages can be installed and also created to solve individual problems. New functions can therefore be implemented as needed.

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Risk aggregation using Monte Carlo simulation can be used to determine a company's overall risk exposure. For more information on the module and its functions, see the white paper.

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