Artificial intelligence for process optimization in the injection moulding process

2020 saw the launch of our "KIPOS" research project with the aim of developing innovative software applications that use state-of-the-art algorithms and AI methods to predict and improve the process and component quality of injection molding systems. This should enable companies to optimize their production processes and increase quality even further in the future.

To the project process

What is KIPOS?

The acronym KIPOS stands for the joint project of a four-member consortium consisting of antares Informations-Systeme GmbH, Hahn-Schickard Gesellschaft e.V. and Weisser & Grießhaber GmbH. The project name stands for "Artificial Intelligence for Process Optimization in Injection Moulding".

The research project was funded by the Central Innovation Program for SMEs (ZIM) and lasted a total of 2.5 years.

The end result of the project was to be a new type of software solution that optimally supports the operator of the injection molding machines. With the help of integrated sensors and machine interfaces for inline measurement, process models were to be created to help predict process and component quality and optimize these with setting parameter recommendations. Modern artificial intelligence methods were used to analyze the data.

The participants

KIPOS: antares

antares Informations-Systeme GmbH

KIPOS: Hahn-Schickard

Hahn-Schickard Society for Applied Research e.V.

KIPOS: Weißer and Grießhaber

Weisser & Grießhaber GmbH


IMS Gear SE & Co. KGaA

Project process

Our findings

Through our involvement in KIPOS over several years, we have gained valuable insights into the theoretical and practical aspects of the plastic injection molding industry. These insights have broadened our understanding of process optimization, so we believe that the methods and algorithms can be transferred and expanded to other industries, especially to process-like workflows in our customer companies.

We therefore recognize the opportunity to expand our areas of expertise and solutions and offer highly covered standard solutions on the market.

This is how it continues

Utilization of the findings: Like Hahn-Schickard, antares aims to use the research results to develop smart assistance systems that effectively support the machine operator in reducing production costs, improving the quality of the end products and increasing production speed.

We will combine the knowledge and effects gained from the project under a new area of expertise that addresses software-supported process optimization and the identification of production deficits. We will focus primarily on industry-related applications and requirements. The market launch of the solutions in phase 1 will largely take place in our existing customer environment, around 60% of which is active in series production.

Market launch concepts with partner companies are also a priority, in addition to our own measures. We will try to gain both consulting partners and suppliers of machine technology for this and thus drive market penetration forward much faster. The first steps towards market launch have already been taken.

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