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Seizing opportunities in times full of risks

Only those who know their specific challenges of globalisation and digitalisation and are well prepared for crisis situations can also use the opportunities of internationalisation and new technologies. Against this background, we have developed the software solution for opportunity and risk management antares RiMIS®.

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antares RiMIS®

With our web-based software, you have the opportunity to identify your business risks at an early stage, to effectively counteract them and to seize opportunities for your company. Keep track of and monitor your current risk portfolio thanks to clear risk catalogues. By integrating all corporate divisions into the risk management process, redundant work is avoided and all actions taken to manage risks are uniformly documented, checked and evaluated.

The intuitive interface structure and the e-mail-supported workflow - from recording to the automatically generated risk report - ensure a smooth and efficient risk management process. Self-explanatory cockpit views and graphics facilitate daily handling and ensure quick results, e.g. through drill-down methodology.

Short implementation times and the low maintenance effort guarantee a smooth use of antares RiMIS® as well as low operating costs with high investment security.

Opportunity and risk management

Opportunity and risk management

R-based Monte Carlo simulation

R-based Monte Carlo simulation

Integrated early warning system

Integrated early warning system

Modular extensibility

Modular extensibility

Standardised data transfer

Standardised data transfer

Functions of the risk management system

  • Risk identification, risk analysis, determination of the probability of occurrence of a risk, aggregation, controlling, risk monitoring and risk management in the event of loss occurrence.
  • Workflow-supported, periodic assessment of the risk situation.
  • Integrated questionnaires for risk identification and self-assessment.
  • Commenting on topics at "administrator level" possible.
  • Quantitative and qualitative assessment methods are available compliance with all applicable regulations for risk management (e.g. KonTraG, COSO II, ISO 31000, IDW (E) PS 981, IDW PS 340).
  • Integratable modules for CIRS, ICS, ISMS, DPMS and compliance management.
  • Extensive customising parameters for optimal adaptation to individual business processes and requirements.
  • Integrated report portfolio generator: PDF or PPT.
  • Import and export of key figures as well as e-mail notification when threshold values are reached (push notifications).
  • Interfaces to upstream systems and the import of inventory data for optimal connection to existing IT environments.
  • Continuous improvements of the tool through the maintenance contract.
  • On-premise or cloud-based solution.

Opportunity and risk management compact

Integrated simulation based on R

Statistics-oriented programming language. Various distribution functions. Correlation (incl. copula) and calculation of VaR with connection to your P&L balance sheet. Determination of risk scenarios with the help of Monte Carlo simulation with regard to their probability of occurrence and impact on profit planning.

Promoting resilience management

What happens when risks have occurred? Goal and strategy development for resilience promotion. Resilience to crises. Vulnerability and adaptability analysis in crisis situations. Development of strengths to solve problems.

Promotion of internal audit

IDW PS 340: Audit of the early risk detection system. Methods for identifying and mitigating risks. Development of hedging strategies. Investigate incidents and determine causes.

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis FMEA

Goal: Avoid errors and risks from the outset. Identify potential causes of errors and risks. Cost & benefit optimisation in the development phase. Preventive error and risk avoidance through cause-effect diagram.

Business continuity management (BCM)

Develop strategies, plans and actions to protect or enable alternative operations or processes whose disruption would cause serious damage to the business. Determine measures to identify, monitor and manage risks.


Complies with section 317 (4) HGB and the auditing standard IDW PS 340, fulfils the BilMoG requirements and paves the way for preventing violations of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Takes into account the aspects of KonTraG, ISO 31000, IDW (E) PS 981, COSO II as well as ONR 49000 and ÖNORM S 2410 and is based on IEC 62198.

New functions of the RiMIS® versions

6.1 | February 2022

  • Measure effectiveness per combination of topic and measure
  • Tangential topics can be captured
  • Extensions of the frequencies of controls and checks
  • Flexible selection at which frequency a control should be entered
  • Release DSMS module

6.2 | October 2022

  • Appointment calendar: General appointments can be created (role-based)
  • Map graphic
  • Monte Carlo simulation supplemented by further distributions
  • Individual risk can be simulated
  • Status setting from e-mail (without login)

Outlook 6.3

  • Definition of favorites per evaluation and user
  • Evaluation option: comparison of simulation result per organizational unit (OU) with yield per OU (yield-risk profiles)
  • Performance improvements
  • and much more...


Can your software also be used to map a matrix structure within one or more companies?

Yes. Several parallel structure trees are available for this purpose, each of which can be structured and built up autonomously. The design can be done by the customer himself via customising.

Is there a specific questionnaire or checklists for identifying compliance risks?

Yes. The questionnaire enables identification via damage potentials. In addition, there is the possibility to make damage impacts via compliance items.

Can the solution also be used to record and assess compliance risks?

Yes, the allocation is done via a risk characteristic. The assessment of compliance risks can be carried out via special assessment methods.

Can the internal control system (ICS) and the procedural documentation be integrated?

Yes, our ICS module can be licensed as a sub-module. The required functions can be mapped in it without any problems.

How is the backup of the data organised or to what extent is the backup supported?

In practice, the database server is often integrated into the domain and thus into the company's data backup routine.

Is differentiated reporting supported in tabular, textual and graphical form?

Yes! Both in an interactive form (analysis directly on the system) and as a reporting function (report booklet).

What software documentation or training options are available (manual, forum, online help, FAQ, support)?

In our projects, we offer extensive training opportunities, such as webinars, seminars, coaching and our support service within the helpdesk system or hotline support. In addition, you receive a PDF and an online manual for the software solution.

What customising options do you offer in connection with the software?

The risk management software has a consistent customising feature. All relevant functions and settings in the software solution can be made via this. These include structures, authorisations, user roles and risk classes.

Is it possible to name, schedule and monitor measures?

Yes! The risk management system offers detailed measure management. The measures can also be directly linked to the opportunities and risks. This makes it possible to carry out a net mapping. Use the possibility of early risk detection, risk identification, risk analysis, risk assessment, risk monitoring and risk management. Risk and action managers can be reminded of deadlines via an automated email reminder function.

Are requirements according to current legislation fulfilled?

Yes! antares RiMIS® complies with section 317 (4) of the German Commercial Code (HGB) and the auditing standard IDW PS 340, fulfils the BilMoG requirements and paves the way for preventing violations of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. It takes into account the aspects of KonTraG, ISO 31000, IDW (E) PS 981, COSO II as well as ONR 49000 and ÖNORM S 2410 and is based on IEC 62198. In the next programme version, an ISMS module will be available in accordance with the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The risk management system is also audit-proof.

What import and export interfaces (e.g. MS Excel) are available?

All common database formats, such as D-Statis (Federal Statistical Office), Bloomberg, Excel as well as PowerPoint and Word in the area of reporting.

How are responsible persons who do not report risks dealt with?

For this purpose, there is a so-called zero notification, where responsible persons have to confirm that they do not see any relevant risks in their area of responsibility.

How is the aggregation of risks, which is required by IDW PS 340 n.F., carried out?

With our flexible, integrated Monte Carlo simulation, any groups of risks can be simulated and thus aggregated. This makes RiMIS ® fully IDW-compliant.

Can measures also be tracked?

In the sense of IDW 340 n.F., measures can be assessed for their effectiveness by appointed persons, so that it can be demonstrated that the net assessment by measures is valid and stands up to an external audit.

How self-sufficient can work be?

Intuitive masks exist for all the different master data, e.g. to adjust the authorisation of users or to add organisational units.


Identify risks at an early stage and counteract them effectively - with our GRC software solution antares RiMIS®. Further features and functions can be found in our product brochure.

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Thank you for your interest in our established software solution for risk and opportunity management - antares RiMIS®.

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