Our new low code technology partner nedyx

An interview with the Managing Director

nedyx is a modern low-code platform for rapid creation of professional business apps with an intuitive, easy-to-learn user interface and the ability to cover requirements of any complexity.

About the person Hans Peter Wolff

Hans Peter Wolff is the CTO and managing director of nedyx. From 1997 to 2020 he worked at arcplan/Longview, first as a software developer and later as a global development manager of internationally operating teams. With over 25 years of practical experience in the field of business apps, he is an expert in this area and has been bringing this to nedyx since 2021.

The interview

antares: How would you describe the vision of nedyx in a few words?

Hans Peter Wolff (hereafter "HPW"): We stand for "High Level Low Code". nedyx enables departments to independently create almost any business app. Our vision is therefore that customers can implement their digitisation projects significantly faster and cheaper with nedyx.

antares: Why is low code more relevant than ever?

HPW: Not only since the pandemic has the demand for software solutions that can be used quickly been increasing. The accompanying digitalisation is clearly strengthening this effect. According to Gartner, only about 20 % of this demand can be covered by the classic approach. The solution is obvious: all business areas must be enabled to develop applications without programming knowledge and to adapt them quickly to new circumstances. This is exactly what Low Code does.

antares: What advantages does Low Code offer compared to conventional programming?

HPW: There are a lot of advantages here. I'll mention just a few of them:

  • Involvement of the specialist department in the creation of business apps
  • Direct implementation of process know-how in the application
  • Short learning curve and intuitive, object-based development
  • Ability to adapt quickly and independently in a fast-changing environment

antares: What advantages does nedyx have over other providers?

HPW: nedyx offers an easy-to-learn and at the same time powerful concept with which even complex use cases can be implemented independently by specialist departments. This solves two of the usual problems of other low-code providers: on the one hand, IT no longer has to be involved in difficult requirements, and on the other hand, it avoids having to include a plethora of low-code products for different use cases and having to learn each one anew. Our strong and established partner network as well as the many years of experience of all our employees also enable the highest quality of professional competence and service.

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