Uniform risk management throughout the Group

Uniform risk management throughout the Group

CENTROTEC Sustainable AG is a listed company that specialises in energy-efficient building technology and is represented in more than 50 countries. The risk management that had previously been carried out manually was not only time-consuming and error-prone, but also lacked flexibility and did not extend across the group. With our software solution for opportunity & risk management antares RiMIS®, a group-wide and uniform risk management could be created, taking into account all individual requirements.

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At a glance

Industry: Building services engineering
Company size: > 3,400 employees
Requirements: Stable, uniform and audit-proof risk management solution with reporting
Users: approx. 100 users
Project category: antares RiMIS® GRC (Governance - Risk - Compliance) Management Solution

CENTROTEC Sustainable AG

CENTROTEC Sustainable AG is a listed company that specialises in energy-efficient building technology and is represented in more than 50 countries.

With its sophisticated products and integrated system solutions in the areas of climate control, heating and ventilation, CENTROTEC helps to save energy and enhance living comfort. As one of the leading suppliers in this field, CENTROTEC covers all the technologies and system solutions relevant to the global CO2 debate on modern building energy-saving technology.


CENTROTEC's expansion strategy in recent years has led to an increased volume of data and information for the assessment of risks and opportunities. The manual process using Excel was accordingly time-consuming and prone to errors. In addition, there were extended requirements for a flexible and modern reporting system. In addition, the differentiated consideration of significant risk levels within the group awakened the need for a group-wide solution approach.

All in all, this led to the realisation that the process needed to be optimised and a suitable software solution introduced that would meet the high expectations.

The top priority was to find a stable, web-based and Group-wide uniform system solution. Above all, risk reporting was to be expanded and automated by the new software. The requirements for IT security within the group were also very much to the fore in the choice of supplier. Due to the international presence of the CENTROTEC Group, a bilingual software solution was a prerequisite.


After several suppliers had been able to present their solution concepts in a detailed selection process, CENTROTEC opted for the antares RiMIS® risk management solution. By using the antares application, CENTROTEC expected better transparency in the process, faster and more reliable ways of assessing risks, and meaningfulness in reporting and in the analysis of the risk portfolio.

In addition, antares RiMIS® takes established standards into account, such as legal and regulatory requirements. This way, the current risk portfolio is always kept in view and internal business processes are monitored and documented.

In addition to the functional improvements, CENTROTEC benefits from the customer proximity and know-how of the antares team. By means of selected customising parameters, the application was precisely adapted to CENTROTEC's business processes. Within a very short time (6 project days), the software solution was integrated according to the requirements and transferred to live operation.

Practical benefit

The configurable input wizard, the intuitive user interface, the integrated workflow and the wide range of analysis options with the fully automatic reporting system now support CENTROTEC AG's smooth and audit-proof risk management process. In addition to the audit security, CENTROTEC appreciates the option of group-wide risk aggregation and the diverse functions for countermeasures.

Both group-wide and segment-specific views can be presented in the individual reports.

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antares RiMIS®

Your advantages

Problem-free connection to the existing IT structure

Decentralised access (web-based)

Flexible expansion of the reporting system

Simple operation

Clear risk aggregation

Successful risk prevention

What our customers say

"We required a group-wide, uniform, web-based and audit-proof software solution. antares RiMIS® met these requirements."

Carsten Vogt | Management Investor Relations | CENTROTEC Sustainable AG

"A flexible and adaptable complete system with integrated reporting, measures controlling and document storage were reasons for our decision."

Nicole Zeuner/Bettina Hauser | Risk Support | Wolf GmbH (CENTROTEC Sustainable AG company)


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